Mother in-law? Mummy will do

So I showed up at her doorstep and introduced myself. I said I was the girl who liked her son (naye kajanja of youth 🤦🏾‍♀️). I didn’t give the lady many choices now did I? She welcomed me, let me in, into her home, into her life, generally... Her son came back from outside countries … Continue reading Mother in-law? Mummy will do


A celebration of cultures – food fest

Cravings for local dishes intensify when one is away from home. The aromas and tastes present a form of security, a familiarity, a remembrance of place. When a meal is shared guards vanish, there’s an understanding - a shared experience. A semblance of unity among people from different tribes and tongues. This probably explains why … Continue reading A celebration of cultures – food fest

The beautiful imprints people leave

Ever meet people who effortlessly sweeten your existence? The interaction may be brief but it leaves an eternal seal, like an elegant tattoo. Guardian angels on assignment? Maybe. Meet the Landlords: He was about 5’6, his eager bright eyes sparkled through his specs. Gray hair spread gently over his head like budding cotton fields, he … Continue reading The beautiful imprints people leave

Uganda: A pearl, a beauty, a country

Lost in the green hills of Kabale, scratch that, let’s start again.  Lost in the brown hills of Kabale, (for it was the dry season and nature was coated brown with dust). I looked up and there she was, like a rain drop on a sweltering afternoon. A glistening fresh water pearl curved out of … Continue reading Uganda: A pearl, a beauty, a country