The neighbor is expecting again. He shared the news with my husband. Me: “What did he say? When is she due? Really? Oh! That is lovely! Did he …? What are they…?” I wanted to know everything. Hubby: “I don’t know. We didn’t discuss it in detail. It was just a passing statement”. Poor guy! … Continue reading Childless

Home based work (HBW) and parenting during Corona virus pandemic

Home-based work (HBW), sounds like a TV network no? It’s week two of social distancing slash home-based work, second week of online church.  It feels like a long holiday except for ongoing work assignments; a colleague awaits a response to an email, online content needs to be uploaded to communication websites, all the while my … Continue reading Home based work (HBW) and parenting during Corona virus pandemic

Another Valentines Day At Makerere University

Valentine’s day is around the corner and as usual a ka story resurfaces. I didn’t get this guy’s strategy then, I don’t get it now. If you crack the code on his process, let’s hear it – might help someone out there reorganize their plot. Names have been altered however Mr.O.B must be informed that … Continue reading Another Valentines Day At Makerere University

Disheartened in the diaspora

The bright side to living in the diaspora: opportunity, functionality and sophistication. However, proximity to family is matchless - the ability to drive up and celebrate weddings, births and life’s successes. On the flip side, when in the diaspora and a close relation passes away and one can only be as close as a WhatsApp … Continue reading Disheartened in the diaspora