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Kampala – a Rowdy Teenager

Kampala felt like a rowdy teenager caught between childish ways and maturity. The wild swerves of boda-bodas through the alleys of Industrial area, Wandegeya and Ntinda – left me breathless. My son likened a trip through Kampala city to survival in Grand Theft Auto – surprises and life-threatening events swing out of nowhere – a pothole, a bump, a motorcycle swerving in from a blind spot, a street kid suddenly peering in through the car window. The sun’s laser gaze, and a gush of dust blown by the wind for extra measure. Traffic-jams riled my stomach, pasted over by police officers flagging the car down every few meters.

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The Mystery of the Woman’s Body

Whether we are equipped with knowledge on contraceptives or not, the bigger issue is the delicate nature of the woman’s body. The woman’s womb, nurture’s life and extends the human race. The woman’s womb is also sensitive and when mishandled can lead to a tragic end - the irony of woman’s existence.

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In the flower of youth cut off

A thought settles in my mind and insists it be written. Ignored, the thought screams, pitta-pattering around incessantly until I yield. This is a little note on a young lady I met over 20 years ago. Annette was short and stout and brilliant. She was feisty like many of the Budo girls I met –… Continue reading In the flower of youth cut off

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To love a woman

“To really love a woman, to understand her, you gotta know her deep inside. Hear every thought, see every dream, and give her wings when she wants to fly …” Three guys got a revelation; Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen and Robert John "Mutt" Lange. These guys wrote the lyrics to this song. “Then when you… Continue reading To love a woman

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Young attraction : a short story

What is the feeling you feel when you're young and attracted but can still count your age in single digits? “Do you think he is handsome?” I froze. My eyes circled wide like an owl perched on a branch. Could he hear my heart furiously thumping against my skinny rib cage? I clasped my hands… Continue reading Young attraction : a short story

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Circle of Love ⭕️ ♥️

You stretch these arms to reach further  You see greatness in my doubt knitted phrases  You see my next paragraph - I don’t know the next letter You see my weakness and nod - “even that, I love that too” The frustration hidden in silence - you see it all the time This unrestrained force… Continue reading Circle of Love ⭕️ ♥️

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Coffee and a Watoto cookie – the “Prince of Peace” cantata

It is official, 2020 delivered good, bad and downright ugly packages. However, watching the live Watoto Christmas Cantata (Prince of Peace) under a blanket, sipping on a cup of coffee and on a different continent? Now that was a good! With top notch choreography and stage production attention was centered. While the sound men set… Continue reading Coffee and a Watoto cookie – the “Prince of Peace” cantata